The Premier Garnet Abrasive for Waterjet Cutting

The world's finest, hardest, and sharpest garnet abrasive

created in collaboration with the inventors of abrasive waterjet technology and made in accordance with industry-specific criteria.

The best waterjet abrasive, BALAJI's Garnet has a controlled rate of breakdown and creates cutting edges that are sharp and angular. These angular, acute grains have better edge finishes and cut more quickly. It takes additional processing steps and meticulous attention to detail during the refining process to mine and process materials to fulfill BALAJI's high-quality requirements. Because of this, this high-purity garnet abrasive is more expensive but also produces better cutting results. Your waterjet's performance is maximized by our precise, reliable management of particle size distribution.

Balaji's Garnet Cuts Faster, Deeper, And Straighter Than Any Other Garnet.

Sharper Edges

The garnet from BALAJI has a special crystalline structure that results in sharp, angular edges. Due to these peculiar characteristics, HPX outperforms all other waterjet abrasives.

Faster Cutting

Garnet from BALAJI cuts more quickly than other garnet abrasives because of these sharper, more angular edges. Our garnet slices through material more quickly thanks to its unique crystalline structure and sharper edges, enabling the operator to do more tasks in less time.

Better Edge Quality

Other waterjet abrasives fall short in demanding applications, while BALAJI's garnet abrasives deliver a greater edge quality.

Less Dust

The cleanest waterjet cutting media is Balaji's garnet.

Cleaner Operation

Our BALAJIs produce less dust than any other waterjet abrasive on the market thanks to the exceptional hardness of our garnet. As a result, the work area is cleaner, there is less debris in the air, and there is less downtime because of clogged jets or inconsistent abrasive feed.

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Well-suited for a broad spectrum of waterjet cutting applications, Balaji Group waterjet abrasives deliver consistent cutting performance and value.