Balaji Speedblast

BALAJI Speed Blast is our fast-cleaning, all-purpose abrasive, that can be used for a variety of industrial blasting needs that aren't too difficult. It provides incredibly quick blasting performance for rust and/or light to medium coating removal. Due to its hardness, low consumption rates, and endurance, it operates better than other abrasives, increasing productivity and ensuring a superior surface finish.

Garnet is widely acknowledged as the most high-performance, economical, and secure option for a range of blasting applications.

Product Summary
  • For General industrial blasting needs, a quick and simple abrasive is required.
  • Perfect for a variety of Purposes
  • Low rate of Consumption.

Fast removal of medium coatings and/or medium rust.

  • Uniform surface profile: 50 - 85 μm
  • Blasting rates: Up to 33 m2/hr
  • Consumption rates: 10-12 kg/m2.
  • Typical industrial upkeep
  • Low- to medium-mil coatings and light rust
  • Power coating preparation and removal
  • The Grade for wet abrasive blasting maintenance
  • Construction and upkeep of offshore platform decking, pressure vessels, pipes, and tanks.
Major Industries
  • Oil & Gas
      1. - Terminals
        - Offshore production
        - Petroleum refining
  • Energy generation & transmission
  • Construction & Infrastructure
  • Shipbuilding, maintenance & repair
  • Pipelines
  • Metal fabrication
  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • garnet-sand-3060
  • garnet-sand-2040