BALAJI – More Than Just Garnet

The Balaji Group has established itself as a notable pioneer in the mining, production, and export of a variety of industrial minerals since its founding 50 years ago.

The waterjet cutting and protective coating industries have depended on Balaji Group, a respected international leader in industrial garnet, for the best quality garnet sand for more than 35 years.


We have been able to maintain global standards, strategic partnerships, and alliances to support an extensive sales and distribution network, while establishing a strong market presence all over the world, thanks to our strong footholds in the industrial hubs of the USA, Qatar, the Philippines, Kuwait, Iraq, Malaysia, the Middle East, New Zealand, and others.


Our focus on all efforts on maintaining our market leadership in this industry is our mission. We believe in continual development and forward-thinking in all facets of our organization through competitive pricing, high-quality products, and upholding a high ethical standard. We are motivated by innovative and collaborative business processes.


We are the proud proprietors of several mines in India that are designated for the extraction of raw minerals, as well as cutting-edge production and processing facilities for high-quality finished goods. In addition to providing the local assistance and adaptability required to meet the expanding needs of our clients, we take pleasure in having the largest trustworthy distribution network among our partner nations. We also have the capabilities to handle even our smallest orders. All of this is done to foster strong and dependable commercial ties and ongoing development for all of our partner nations.


Consistency & Quality

At Balaji, we strive to produce a product that is both consistent and of the highest quality. The finest business strategy, in our opinion, is to establish high standards since, as you advance, so do we. We have included specific actions that will help us enhance consistency and adherence to quality in the context of our business module in order to preserve these standards.

Latest Production Technology

We promise to offer our customers products of the highest caliber through the application of cutting-edge technologies.

On-Time Delivery

Our top focus is to fulfill the delivery requirements and expectations of our customers, including following lead times. We provide the most extensive, dependable distribution network and the necessary flexibility to fulfill our clients' expanding needs in order to satisfy them.