Garnet Abrasive

The Garnet Abrasive is mainly mined from the andradite and almandine mineral deposits in India and Australia. The high density and unique physical features have made this product a harmless, effective, and impressive abrasive for dry and wet blasting. Garnet sand is one of the convenient abrasives and a standard replacement for silica sand in sandblasting. In addition, industries can use the Garnet Abrasive to cut steel, aluminium, and other materials in water jets while mixing it with high-pressure water.

Garnet extracted from the hard rock offers more angular forms, making it a perfect choice for water jet cutting. Being abrasive, the Garnet has two primary classes: water jet grade and blasting grade. You can find both of them at Balaji Group in high quality. We follow a strict rule to crush the Garnet into fine grains. At us, you will find different mesh types. We offer pieces of 60 mesh which are ideal for sandblasting. For water jet cutting we have pieces between 60 to 200 meshes and for polishing, lapping and glass we have Garnet Abrasive pieces of above 200 mesh.

Some significant advantages of using our Abrasive Garnet are its exceptional quality, cost-effectiveness, safety, low-dust production, etc. It is an excellent option for workers and ideal for confined spaces. In addition, the high-recycle ability of our Garnet Abrasive makes it popular as you can recycle them 3 to 6 times. So, it is a long-lasting, environment-friendly, fast and clean, hard abrasive.

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Garnet Abrasive For Precision Finishing Operations

In general, abrasives are rough and rugged materials that industries use to finish or shape workpieces, especially sandpaper. Our product has gained popularity because of its common use in numerous applications, ranging from domestic and industrial to technological applications. As a result, we have a wide range of varieties of chemical and physical compositions of Garnet Abrasive to cater to every application. The primary examples of its uses are buffing, drilling, polishing, sharpening, grinding, honing, sanding, cutting, and lapping.

  • Basic Concept Behind Garnet Abrasion For Precision Finishing Operations

The primary idea behind abrasiveness is when two materials, one being harder or rougher than the other, are rubbed together repeatedly to wear down the softer material. The Garnet Abrasion gives precise finishing to softer material and leaves a smooth surface. At Balaji Group you will find different kinds of abrasive garnets and additionally, they are affordable, non-toxic and can be recycled. Also, the effectiveness and speed of abrasion also depend on the size of the grains of abrasive, the force used, the materials being used, and the coolants and lubricants applied during the process.

Our Garnet Abrasive contains natural minerals which make the product more effective. The abrasive garnets are a top-rated and general-purpose product to get to the places of applications that are very hard to reach. People mostly use it for edge breaking and port holes. They come up with a variety of sizes and shapes. At Balaji Group, we offer every kind of abrasive garnet for different purposes.

  • How To Select the Type of Abrasive For Precise Finishing?

When selecting the abrasive for a particular application, you must consider its size and shape. At Balaji Group you get all different sizes therefore we also advise you to consider the nature of the workpiece. Our Garnet Abrasive is an ideal choice among the other abrasives due to its convenience, eco-friendly nature, and cost-effectiveness.

Our abrasives are much more long-lasting in nature making them a popular choice among others. In addition, our Garnet abrasives are made with non-toxic material and produce very little dust, making them a clean medium and giving no environmental risk. This is particularly advantageous in confined spaces and areas with strict environmental restrictions.

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Reasons Behind Using Garnet Abrasive

We have a wide range of options in blast abrasive material available regarding NDT surface preparation. Among many options, our Garnet has gained popularity for several reasons. First, it has become one of the best abrasive materials because of its versatility. Below, we will mention some reasons behind the hype about this specific product on the market.

  • Garnet Can Be A Safer Option

Garnet Abrasive are a safer option for the worker's health. It produces less dust compared to other options. It is even non-toxic and safe for the environment. The potential risk worker carry is inhaling harmful dust however with garnet abrasion this risk decreases.

With minimal dust, workers will feel safe as they do not need to inhale harmful substances. As mentioned above, the Garnet contains non-toxic minerals, making it a great choice. The best part is that our Garnet does not have silica as its properties, making it a safer alternative than silica sand.

However, even if our Garnet offers safety and long-term health, workers must wear PPE when using abrasive materials. You can opt for our abrasive Garnet as we offer a premium-quality product with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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  • Garnet Abrasive Is A Cost-Effective Option

As the effectiveness of our Garnet is very high, you need less amount of product, making it a cost-effective option for all. In addition, our Garnet Abrasive is comparatively rigid and contains dense material that works great on the surface of every application. Therefore, it is possible to get an effective outcome using a minimal amount of Garnet. Additionally, the Garnet Abrasive is a semi-reusable material which is also a reason behind its popularity. The workers can recover an adequate amount of Garnet after they carry out the grit blasting correctly. Therefore, you can opt for this product as it will save significant money in the long run. Lastly, the Garnet forms a clean surface with lower consumption and high productivity. At Balaji Group, we offer abrasive garnets at a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

  • Garnet Increases Productivity

It is possible to achieve quick cutting with many grains in a given shape by impacting the surface at high speed. Garnet offers more comfortable acceleration with smaller grains and a more significant effect of force on the surface. As a result, you will receive superior quality clean surface, offering twice a better effect than the traditional abrasives. In addition, the grains of Garnet Abrasive can clean the deep cavities and pitted areas to the bare metal. As a result, it offers a blasted surface without rogue troughs, embedment, and peaks.

  • Garnet Abrasive Is Cleaner

Each grit blasting operation involves a clean-up job when the dust settles. Here come the undeniable perks of using Garnet as an abrasive into the picture. Workers can save time cleaning the remaining dust as the Garnet forms a minimal amount. It saves time and money as you can get your job done using a small amount of our product.

Whether the Garnet is a complete chemical inert or a naturally occurring substance, it is straightforward to clean and use. You can check out our products at Balaji Group as we have given enough information regarding our product to help you select the one that caters to your requirements.

  • Best for Blast Cleaning and Water Jetting Applications

Like Olivine, you can use Garnet to coat non-ferrous and ferrous materials. It is an excellent choice for water jetting applications due to its great cutting properties. It has a low dust ratio, so it is also an excellent pick for environmentally sensitive applications. Garnet Abrasive creates a very minimal amount of dust compared to expendable abrasives. In addition, it breaks down relatively less easily. It is one of the most versatile, safest, and cost-effective media for blast cleaning.

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Unique Featured Garnet Abrasive – Balaji Group

Balaji Group is one of the reliable and reputed suppliers of industrial garnets across the globe. With a vast knowledge of Garnet and years of industrial experience, we offer different Garnet Abrasive to our customers. To satisfy every kind of customer, we provided our customers with different kinds of Abrasive Garnet products to accomplish different operations. Below, we will mention our unique products' performance details and features.

  • Balaji Toughblast

The Tough Blast of Balaji Group is one of the most popular and versatile garnets that effectively removes the most rigid coating from surfaces. The unique combination of hard rock alluvial garnets is perfect for liners, water towers, tank exteriors, rail car facilities, general maintenance, water treatment facilities, etc.

Our durable sub-angular alluvial Garnet wipes off all remaining contaminants. On the other hand, the most effective angular hard rock garnet removes the industrial coating effectively. The primary feature of this Garnet is it is an all-rounder product that offers high performance. It also cleans very quickly at the lowest consumption rate.

  • Balaji Premiumblast

The Premium Blast of Balaji Group is our most versatile abrasive that offers affordable and cost-efficient abrasive. It can be your ideal pick if you are looking for an abrasive solution to remove medium to heavy rust. The Premium Blast can also be an excellent option for medium to thick industrial coating.

This specific product has gained popularity as a standard Garnet Abrasive across the globe. This is because it effectively wipes off the tough coating, and its high durability offers better performance and a superior surface finish. In addition, the blasting rate of this product is up to 20m2 per hour with a lower consumption rate.

  • Balaji Speedblast

The Speed Blast of Balaji Group is another great product for general purposes and fast cleaning. The blasting performance of this particular product is outstanding. It is a suitable product for light to medium coating or rust removal. The Speed Blast outperforms other abrasives in terms of low consumption rate, durability, and hardness. It ensures a clean surface with a superior finish and improved productivity. Our Speed Blast can be an ideal pick for a broad range of applications.

  • Balaji Newsteel

The New Steel of Balaji Group is our Garnet Abrasive that offers high performance. This affordable and efficient Garnet is excellent for thin coatings and lightly rusted surfaces. In addition, it offers an unmatched speed of mill scale removal. Around the world, our Garnet is considered to be a cost-effective, high-performance, and safer option for different blasting applications.

  • Balaji Precision Blast

It is another excellent abrasive of Balaji Group for quick and gentle cleaning on vulnerable surfaces and precision equipment. We have prepared this abrasive with great care for removing the mill scale. It is an efficient, precise, abrasive product that offers quick performance without compromising quality. However, it also ensures optimal polishing, etching, and cleaning.

  • alaji Classic Cut

Our premium versatile Garnet Abrasive is an excellent option for general water-jet cutting. The premium quality alluvial garnet is ideal for higher cutting speed and optimum surface finish. The quality control procedures and extensive grading effectively eradicate oversized particles. On the other hand, the advanced dry and wet production facilities wipe off all the unwanted dust particles.

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Environmental Advantages of Garnet Abrasive

In recent times, environmental conservation and protection have become a buzzword in the business industry. Therefore, people have become more inclined to select environment-friendly products. You will be happy to know that there are many environmental benefits of using our Garnet Abrasive.

  • Environmental Protection

Unlike the traditional abrasive blasting material, the abrasive garnet by Balaji Group is natural and non-toxic. It contains no harmful substances, radioactive pollutants or toxic heavy metals. Additionally, in the operational process, the Garnet Abrasive by Balaji Group produces a minimal amount of dust to ensure the excellent health of operators. Our product is even recyclable and has low-consumption characteristics that can minimize the volume of waste disposal and cost of usage.

  • Produce Less Dust

Because of the high specific weight, the abrasive of Garnet produces less dust while spraying. As a result, it further ensures the safety and better health of the worker and improves their visibility.

  • Recyclable

Garnet sand is a perfect option for different fields. You can use our Garnet 5 times or more, depending on its cutting ability. When the garnet sand loses its cutting ability, you can use it as a cement additive in the construction industry.

Basic Information Regarding the Processing of the Garnet Abrasive

Garnet mainly refers to the group of iron aluminium silicate minerals. Most garnets are produced as abrasives for polishing and grinding. It is one of the best industrial abrasives due to its hardness and high specific gravity. In addition, the Garnet Abrasive is more durable than other abrasives on the market. Here, we will discuss the easy steps of processing of our abrasive Garnet.

  • First, we need to do mineral testing to check the properties of the Garnet.
  • Then, the huge garnet rock must be crushed using a jaw crusher. The garnet rock undergoes this process to reduce the mineral particle size. Then, we put the rock into an impact crusher to get the finely crushed product.
  • After that, the screening process comes into the picture with a circular vibrating screen. The product will enter the grinding process if the material size qualifies the requirements.
  • Then, we use a jig to dust off low-density materials such as quartz, feldspar, pyroxene, amphibole, and mica.
  • A magnetic separator is the next step to get the magnetic garnet particles and remove the other harmful substances.
  • After that, we use the flotation machine to separate sillimanite, quartz, scheelite, and sericite.
  • Then, we will get the concentrate to dry using a dryer machine. After that, it will be ready for different market sizes and appropriately packed for distribution.

Why Choose Balaji Groups For Garnet Abrasive?

Balaji has successfully positioned itself as an emerging pioneer in the Manufacturing, Mining, and Export of multiple industrial Minerals. With 50 years of industry experience, we offer premium-quality garnet sand to our customers for protective surface coating and water-jet cutting. We take pride in announcing that we have developed a broad customer base worldwide. However, the factors that make us stand out from the crowd are-

  • Quality and Consistency

At Balaji Groups, we offer top-quality products consistently to our customers worldwide. Delivering high-standard products is a great marketing plan to boost business growth. Therefore, we strictly follow the steps of our business module to adhere to quality and strengthen consistency. As a result, our abrasives offer better edge quality compared to others.

  • Timely Delivery

As we value our customers' time, we try our best to deliver the products timely to boost our credibility. Additionally, we meet all the requirements and expectations of our customers to offer flexibility.

  • Advanced Production Technology

Another advantage of choosing Balaji Groups is that we only use modern technology to get high-quality products. Therefore, no one can compete with us in terms of the hardness and quality of Garnet. In addition, our Garnet offers faster cutting with sharper edges, encouraging the worker to do more work in less time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Garnet is one of the most cost-effective and top abrasives for several blast surface operations. The advantages of using Garnet Abrasive are lower consumption, cost-effectiveness, higher speed, and low dust production. The best part is that it is an environment-friendly product.

Garnet is a great product that contains only natural minerals. It contains no harmful substances, heavy metals, and, most importantly, silica. Garnet is a rigid material that offers a higher cleaning rate at high speed.

Yes, the eco-friendliness of the Garnet Abrasive makes it a popular choice for water-jet cutting and surface blasting. The best part is that it produces less dust, offering excellent health to the operators. Additionally, depending on its cutting ability, you can use it more than five times.
There are lots of things that you can take into consideration before selecting a supplier. First, you need to check whether their Garnet offers effective results. If a company offers Garnet faster-cutting operations, low-cost better edge quality, and less dust production, it is a sign of a reliable vendor. However, you can check their reviews online to understand whether they can cater to all your requirements.

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