Balaji Classic Cut

BALAJI Classic Cut series is a versatile, all-purpose abrasive, perfect for ordinary waterjet cutting. It is regarded by manufacturers all over the world as the industry-standard waterjet cutting abrasive.

The highest grade alluvial garnet is used in BALAJI Classic Cut, which is designed to produce the best surface finish and cutting speeds.

Unique Features:
  • Alluvial garnet of outstanding quality
  • Unwanted dust particles are removed by cutting-edge wet and dry production equipment.
  • Oversize particles are eliminated by strict grading and quality control processes.
Classiccut Product Range
High Speed Cutting Speed cutting with concession at the cutting edge quality. 600 - 200 micron .050''1.27mm .016 - .018''
.407 - .457mm
Precision Edge (Industry Standard)

Classic Cut  80
The most popular waterjet cutting abrasive grade used worldwide that delivers the optimum balance of cutting speed and precision edge for a wide variety of applications.
300 - 150 micron

.030  - .040''
.762 - 1.02mm
.010 - .014''
.254 - .356mm
High Precision Edge

Classic Cut  120
Offers high precision and versatile cutting speeds where a narrow kerf is demanded. Ideal for thinner, softer or brittle materials such as marble, brass, plastic and ceramics. 

200 - 100 micron
.020 - .030''
.508 - .762mm
.007 - .010''
.178 - .254mm
  • garnet-sand-80
  • garnet-sand-120